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Jamie Skagen

He "gets" me

So much fucking gratitude.When you find the PERFECT person who you know you are meant to be with forever <3Austin Pranger

Posted by Jamie Skagen on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

When I came to Austin I had no fucking idea I needed a website.

In fact- I was sure it was something extra, too-expensive and something that was unnecessary outside of Facebook Marketing.

I asked Austin to help me put together something to launch a retreat that I was having on Kaua’i and my entire life changed

The entire process with Austin was truly incredible. What started off as a landing page turned into me learned SO freaking much about marketing, websites, funnels and all the things that I have not been leveraging that could completely change my online coaching business.

Working with Austin has blown my mind completely because I truly didn’t know that anyone could understand me like he has. I am the type of person that has felt like I have to do everything myself because I’m so picky and have such a vision in my head and no way figure out how to execute it!

Austin walked with me step by step and was able to bring my vision to life in the most seamless and fluid way. His ideas alone were worth so much more than I anticipated
It was so much more than website design. It’s like having a business partner who “gets you”

Austin’s attention to detail is unreal. He is so communicative, timely, passionate and AMAZING at what he does.

Hiring Austin for your “website design” will be the best decision you will ever make.

“Website design” is in quotes because you will be hiring him for so many other things you never ever fathomed existed in support for your business ❤️

Jamie Skagen

Life Coach & Transformational Event Leader

Check out Jamie’s professional coaching website & transformational event, “The Wild Emergence.”

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