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Bringing YOUR MAGIC to the digital world

Digital Wizardry

Heart-driven digital solutions for change-makers and small businesses.


Your website is your digital playground to broadcast who you are, showcase your services, and get seen as an authority by your audience.



Website hosting and maintenance keeps your website running smoothly while you continue to build your business.



Get help creating authentic content and personalized support to find creative solutions to market your brand in the digital era.


Already know this is going to sound like a bunch of nonsense to you?

Let’s just chat and find clarity on what you need – and skip all the other fluff on this page. (:

You’re not just getting a website – you’re getting someone in your corner who wants to help you showcase who you really are and how you can help your audience.


Your personalized online platform to share your magic with the world.

The website design is a one-time process that puts together how how your website “looks,” the first iteration of content (text, images, etc), and all the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes installation components that “make the website work.”

* Packages below are estimated project costs.


Features can be added to your website to help your website stand out and reach your digital marketing goals. These features help you to better share your vision, connect with your audience, and improve digital marketing efforts:

  • Blogging Platform
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Forms for Capturing Emails & Gathering Leads
  • Popup Engagements
  • Customized Forms (contact information, lead acquisition, etc.)
  • On-site shop and payment integrations
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Forums
  • and more

* Some features are complex and can increase total design cost.

The Minimalist Website, $600

A simple, single-page website to display critical information about you or your business – Like a business card, but a website.

Keeping it simple: no pages or fancy features are used on this website (click for an example).

You know it’s important to have SOMETHING online but you don’t need a fully-fledged website.

Your website is so simple that any changes you need I can supply on the fly.

One year of hosting ($120 value) is included in this package.

Ready to make your footprint in the digital world?

Website Hosting + Maintenance

Website hosting & maintenance is the life-force for your website to keep it running while you sleep. Hosting is required and maintenance ensures that it has all the updates needed to run smoothly in an ever-evolving digital world.

Website Hosting
($120/year or $15/month)

The “fuel” to your website, allowing it to run while you grow your business.

First year of hosting is included FREE in any WEBSITE DESIGN package above.

* Required cost.

Website Maintenance

Keeps your website backed-up, secure, and running smooth.


  • Critical Security Updates (Weekly)
  • Plugin + Theme Updates (Weekly)
  • SSL Certificates
  • MONTHLY Website Backups


  • Everything in STANDARD, PLUS…
  • WEEKLY Website Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring

If you’re feeling overwhelmed – it’s okay!

You don’t need to know a thing about this “web stuff” to have an epic website.

I’ll walk you through each step and help you get clarity on what will help you the most.

Content & Marketing Support

Get your own personal “Digital Wizard” in your back pocket to help you with content, strategy, uncertainty, and more.

Get support creating unique content (blog posts, social media graphics), utilize more complex digital marketing services (email automation), and gain access to personalized marketing support with Austin.

* All plans are subject to a custom quote depending on your needs.

Content Tweaks

Keep your update fresh with quick-and-simple content tweaks every week or month. Update pricing, services, descriptions, and more.

Marketing Support

Get a partner-in-crime as you build your business and leverage the tools of the internet – use your website as a home for all your content, start to acquire email leads, and develop unique marketing solutions, and much more.

Marketing Support Bonuses

Specialized Marketing support includes

  • Regular access with me to bounce ideas off of via text/email/messenger (M-F).
  • You’ll get random “how about this?” ideas throughout the month as they come to me.
  • Complimentary additions to the website while updating your site, including fixing grammar, shifting modules to make them ‘cleaner,’ adjusting colors for improved aesthetic, and more.

I want to support YOU in more than just the content I can provide. I’ll be someone you can reach out to or get input from.

Additional Content Resources

 Personalized content can be created for your website, social media, and digital presence to help you communicate your vision more accurately:

  • New Website Pages
  • Basic Content for your Webpages
  • Copywriting for your website pages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Sales/Landing Pages
  • Email Capture Forms
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Social Media Graphic Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consultations
  • Video Editing
  • Automated Email Marketing System
  • and more! 

When I came to Austin I had no fucking idea I needed a website.

In fact- I was sure it was something extra, too-expensive and something that was unnecessary outside of Facebook Marketing.

I asked Austin to help me put together something to launch a retreat that I was having on Kaua’i and my entire life changed

The entire process with Austin was truly incredible. What started off as a landing page turned into me learned SO freaking much about marketing, websites, funnels and all the things that I have not been leveraging that could completely change my online coaching business.

Working with Austin has blown my mind completely because I truly didn’t know that anyone could understand me like he has. I am the type of person that has felt like I have to do everything myself because I’m so picky and have such a vision in my head and no way figure out how to execute it!

Austin walked with me step by step and was able to bring my vision to life in the most seamless and fluid way. His ideas alone were worth so much more than I anticipated
It was so much more than website design. It’s like having a business partner who “gets you”

Austin’s attention to detail is unreal. He is so communicative, timely, passionate and AMAZING at what he does.

Hiring Austin for your “website design” will be the best decision you will ever make.

“Website design” is in quotes because you will be hiring him for so many other things you never ever fathomed existed in support for your business ❤️

Jamie Skagen

Life Coach & Transformational Event Leader

Check out Jamie’s professional coaching website & transformational event, “The Wild Emergence.”

Any questions? Ready to get started?

We can set up a time to chat or email to go over any uncertainties you have or to help create clarity around what you want your online presence to look like – and figure out how your website or content will broadcast your vision alongside you, like a trusty companion.

9 + 14 =

Why work with Austin?

… and WTF is a Digital Wizard, anyway?

The Dancing Digital Wizard


Austin Pranger

Hi there. 💜

My name is Austin.

I dance, write, build websites, create videos, lead communities, challenge my limitations, and am constantly growing in order to make a positive impact on the world and help people like you bring their best selves and work to the world.

I’ve been “building websites” for nearly a decade.

It became a canvas to help me figure out who I am and what I wanted to do with my life. A medium to build communities and share my message.

I quickly realized that I had a knack for it – a form of creativity and play for me – while it was overwhelming and mind-boggling to others.

With the encouragement of peers, I am stepping out to provide my expertise to those that need a helping-hand in bringing their vision to the online world.

From building an entire online platform from nothing to providing insight to help them improve their existing digital marketing efforts and online aesthetic – and more.

I don’t “just” build websites.

I get into the trenches with my clients to make sure that their message is being shared accurately.

I help develop clarity around how to share your message online, translate your message or offering into a tangible online platform, and provide insight on how to use it and stand out as an authority around what you offer.

Absurd Attention to Detail

I’m particular when it comes to design, aesthetic, and the “flow” of content as visitors scroll down a page. I put more time and effort into the fine, minute details than most.

If you are equally-picky about “how things look,” we’ll get along great.

If you don’t care that much about things being “fancy,” then we’ll put our focus elsewhere – like optimizing your website content for clarity, search-engine-optimization, improving other resources on the website, and whatever will help your business the most.

Experienced Writer

I have written over 1,000,000 words for clients in the past 5 years in a WIDE range of industries and niches as a ghost-writer for businesses and independents.

I provide unique content that is unique to you, researched, and has a voice of its own – based on your needs.

I’ve recently written under my own name at Ideapod (here) and have other samples here. 

Small Team Friendly

I work primarily with individuals and small teams. I know what it’s like to bootstrap in virtually every project I’ve been involved in – in and out of website design.

I can be a supporter in your business without actually being “on the team.” I’m here to help and can adjust my services based on your personal or business needs.

I’m happy to play as little or a big of a part in your future online kingdom and business processes as you’d like.

Everyone I work with seems to enjoy what I provide for them, not because of just my technical skills (which has been developed from a lot of trial and error), but because of the intuition and insight that I have around design, marketing, branding – and more.

I work well with my clients to make sure that the website not only looks good and functions well, but meets YOUR specific needs and tastes.

When I take someone on as a client, my goal isn’t to just make a website in zero-seconds flat and put a bow on it.

I want to get to know you so that I can accurately translate YOUR VOICE and VISION into a digital format for the rest of the world to see.

Because if you don’t have a website or an online presence – it makes it that much harder for people to find you, realize that your services exist (that they need!), and to establish yourself as an authority on your product or service.

We’ll get along great if you …

    • need someone in your corner to help you find clarity through the uncertainty and chaos that comes with having an online platform.
    • visually like what you’ve seen on this page, my website, or any of the projects I’ve created so far (at the bottom of this page).
    • need a simple website to showcase who you are and what you do – and still have it look pretty and professional.
    • have a services to offer but don’t know how to translate it into a websit eor online presence.
    • already know what you want, but need help converting your “vision” into what a website can actually use.
    • … just don’t have time to deal with any of this nonsense and want someone else to handle it for you.

But …

I know my limits.

I’m not here to fluff and pretend that I can do everything – I can’t. When you work with me, you get someone who is upfront about what he can or can’t do.

If I can’t do something for what you’re trying to create, I’ll let you know and then go learn how to make-it-so.

Or point you towards another expert that can.

When we work together, we become a team.

If you want a beautiful, personalized website and get a “Digital Wizard” on your team to help you on your journey to growing your business and brand?

I gotchu’.

I’m constantly evolving and those that I work with get the benefit of all kinds of new “aha!” ideas whenever they come up.

We’re evolving together – and the first people I work with will benefit from it the most because I’m likely underselling my time for your gain while I figure all of this out in real-time, right next to you as you grow your business.

Flexible to Client Needs

Don’t let anything on this page scare you away. Virtually everything related to creating a website or online presence for you can be customized to YOUR needs.

If you know you want a website, or need help with digital marketing, then let’s talk and figure out what that will look like.

I am happy to create a plan that is tailored to your needs and situation.


Selective Client Workload

I prefer to work with a smaller number of clients, rather than pump out generic website in bulk. This gives me an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with you as an individual and be able to understand your gifts and offerings more intimately.




A Digital Wizard is someone who has a strange fascination with online and digital tools – leveraging them to bring visions to life, make life easier, or improving existing systems to make them more effective.

They understand the nuances of how websites and the internet works so that you can bring your services to the world, navigate it effectively, and take full advantage of the powerhouse that is the internet and digital marketing. 

Hop on my calendar and let’s make magic.


The “Raising Resolution Coalition”

the early adopters.

individuals, brands, and businesses that receive free value added to their online platform in the initial months of my web design business as I continue to refine my process – as a thank you for working with me and allowing me to be messy in the process!


4 of 10 filled, 6 spots left.


Jamie Skagen

Life coach, speaker, and transformational event leader. Focus for Jamie’s website is to provide information and authority around her life coaching and lead-generation and providing information about her event, “The Wild Emergence.”

(undergoing final touches to coaching portion of the website.)


The Anchor Room

Dance studio and community with an emphasis on providing information on dance classes, private lesson availability, schedule of events, information about dance, as well as creating a medium for people to contact the studio to learn more (i.e., allowing the studio to acquire more leads through organic, no-effort search).


Fort Wayne Westies

Dance club, needing a central place to put all of their important information and start gathering new leads through organic search.


Matt Pranger Photography

This is an in-progress website and not complete!

The goal of this website is to showcase a gallery of existing work, provide information about the photographer, and use the portfolio to help provide information about how the photographer can help clients.

Find A . Dance

Local community resource to provide information about dance events in the area.

(Currently undergoing rework.)




Small gaming community. The website serves as an informational platform for interested applicants and providing information on how to join their community.


Austin Pranger

Hi, it’s me! My website is constantly evolving is and is usually the guinea pig for new features. Current focus of the website is on developing a more cohesive brand image, blogging, and design practice.